How to get the Blue and Orange Potato and what they’re used for in Disney Dreamlight Valley

One potato, two potato… FOUR potatoes?!

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The world of Disney Dreamlight Valley is a magical one indeed, and what’s a magical world without a few mystical secrets to uncover within its realms? One of the discovered secrets in Dreamlight Valley takes a somewhat unexpected form: potatoes. The first strange spud, the Golden Potato, appeared in the game’s Halloween update, and February’s “Festival of Friendship” update brought a new Red Potato into the mix. These mysterious spuds have once again returned to relevance in the game’s “Pride of the Valley” update with the addition of two new tricky taters: the Blue Potato and Orange Potato. Here’s everything you need to know to get up-to-spud on this pigmented potato pursuit in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to find the Blue Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Before you can collect the Blue Potato, you will first need to collect both the Golden Potato and the Red Potato. Once you’ve taken care of these two tasks, you’ll be able to see and collect the Blue Potato from within Ursula’s house. You can easily teleport to Ursula’s house by speaking with her and, once you’re there, the Blue Potato is very easy to find on the ground near her throne.

How to find the Orange Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Getting your hands on the Orange Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley requires quite a bit more effort. To start your quest for the Orange Potato, you’ll want to equip the Lenses of Shadows glasses cosmetic that you previously obtained from completing Scrooge’s Treasure Hunt questline, which you can do from the Wardrobe menu.

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With the glasses equipped, you’ll then have to locate and collect 20 Orange Pebbles. These pebbles are located on the ground throughout each of the different realms, accessed from the Dream Castle, and also inside Mickey’s hidden room. Here’s how many pebbles are hidden in each area that you’ll need to collect:

  • The Dream Castle: 3 Orange Pebbles
  • Mickey’s Hidden Room: 3 Orange Pebbles
  • Frozen Realm: 3 Orange Pebbles
  • Moana Realm: 4 Orange Pebbles
  • Ratatouille Realm: 1 Orange Pebble
  • Toy Story Realm: 4 Orange Pebbles
  • WALL-E’s Realm: 2 Orange Pebbles

These pebbles are quite small and are very difficult to see in some of these realms, as they do not sparkle like other lootable items. Instead, you have to look for a tiny orange stone on the ground and, when you’ve discovered one, a looting prompt will open up and you can collect the stone. When you’ve discovered all 20 Golden Pebbles, head to your Crafting Table and you’ll discover there’s a new recipe available allowing you to use the pebbles to craft the illustrious Orange Potato.

How to use the Orange Potato and craft the Electrifying Orange Potion

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Once you’ve crafted the Orange Potato, in the crafting recipes panel you’ll notice a new recipe for an Electrifying Orange Potion, which requires the Orange Potato and an Empty Vial to craft, similar to the Raging Red Potion and Gleaming Gold Potion you’ve previously crafted with the Golden and Red Potatoes. Once you’ve crafted the Electrifying Orange Potion, you’ve done everything you can do with the Orange Potato at this time.

The amazing Disney Dreamlight Valley community, especially members of the Solving the Secrets group on the official Discord, are hard at work discovering the latest mysteries to unfold in the Valley. We’ll provide an update to this guide or a new guide as soon as there are more details to share regarding the use of these potatoey phials.