How to get the Brilliantly Solved achievement in Unpacking

We’ve got a math wiz over here.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Brilliantly Solved achievement in Unpacking is awarded for writing an equation with fridge magnets. The description doesn’t seem like anything special, but because all of the game’s achievements are hidden, this one might have slipped by you. Our guide will help if you’re on your journey toward 100% completion.

This achievement can be unlocked in 2013, the game’s sixth level. For help with completing any of the prior levels, we have guides up on the site for 1997200420072010, and 2012. There is also the option to complete levels by setting items anywhere for those that aren’t into the puzzle gameplay.

All the necessary magnets are conveniently packed in the kitchen. You’ll find the numbers one and two as well as the plus symbol inside the box on top of the stack toward the left side of the screen. The number three and equal symbol are inside the box on top of the stack next to the first stack. All you need to do now is form any equation. The Brilliantly Solved achievement will pop regardless of its logic. We got our achievement by forming “2+3=1” with the magnets. This also unlocks the lightbulb sticker for use in the game’s photo mode.

Screenshot by Gamepur