How to get the Burger King rewards and Operator skin in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Rep one of the franchise’s most iconic locations with this Burger King skin.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 looks to continue the series’ tradition of giving players the opportunity to take advantage of promotional giveaways for limited-time cosmetics. The title has already partnered with a number of products, and fast food chain Burger King has now joined in on the fun. As a result, those who head to the restaurant can now earn themselves an in-game Operator skin and additional XP. Here’s how to get the Burger King rewards in Modern Warfare 2.

How to get the Burger King rewards in MW2

Image via Burger King

The Burger King and Call of Duty promotion grant anyone who purchases the Modern Warfare 2 Meal at any participating restaurant access to a one-hour Double XP token and an exclusive Burger Town Operator skin. The outfit features a male character with a thick, respectable mustache, military gear, and of course, a glorious Burger Town t-shirt. Unfortunately, the promotion is not available in the US, as it is mainly meant for European countries, such as France and Spain. Those able to snag the meal can then redeem the unique code found on their receipt on Call of Duty’s promotional webpage.

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Although this may be bad news for players outside Europe, there are several other ways to earn goodies in Modern Warfare 2 without even jumping into a match. For one, those in the US can head to Little Caesars to nab a batch of pizza-themed cosmetics, such as the Little Caesars Charm, Emblem, and Player Card. Additionally, soda drinkers who pick up bottles or packs of select Mountain Dew products can either earn extra Double XP tokens or COD Points. There’s certainly no doubt the Double XP tokens will come in handy, as the shooter tasks players to level up and unlock the whopping 55 weapons it holds in multiplayer.