How to get the Calfskin Rider’s leather biker outfit in Final Fantasy XIV

Show off your leather biker glamour.

Image via Square Enix

As teased with the brand new paint emote for patch 5.4, you can get your very own leather biker outfit in Final Fantasy XIV. The Calfskin Rider’s set is great for mixing and matching with your own pieces or to wear all at once. Players looking for these glamour items have a few ways to obtain them.

Craft the outfit yourself as a Leatherworker

All five pieces of the Calfskin Rider’s set — the cap, jacket, gloves, pants, and shoes — only require Leatherworker crafts to make. You’ll find the recipes for each item in your crafting log, under the Master Recipes (8) tab. If you don’t have this tab available, then you’ll need to acquire the Master Leatherworker VIII book with crafters’ scrips. Once you have the tab open, scroll down and you’ll find the Calfskin Rider’s pieces, along with the required materials to craft them.

Excluding the usual Earth and Wind Crystals, you’re going to need 7x Calf Leather, 9x Megalania Leather, 1x Dwarven Mythril Ingot, 6x Duskcourt Cloth, and 1x Dwarven Cotton to craft the whole set. The Calf Leather is the main bottleneck.

As you can see, just a single piece is pretty pricey. You can only find these Calf Leather pieces from treasure maps, specifically within the Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah. Plus, once you’re in the treasure dungeon, there’s only a certain chance you’ll actually find these pieces in your treasure chests. Depending on your luck, it might take you a while to find all the leather pieces you need for your crafts.

Buy the outfit on the market board

If you don’t have your Leatherworker leveled or sufficiently geared for the Master recipe, then you can just buy the outfit yourself. You’re going to need a fair amount of gil to purchase these pieces while they’re hot. Even just the jacket will cost you quite a bit.

Pay someone to craft the outfit for you

Your final option, if you don’t have any generous Leatherworker friends, is to seek out another player’s crafting services. You’re almost guaranteed to find a friendly crafter advertising their trade through the Party Finder on your data center. Many of them are happy to accept tips as long as you provide the materials. Buying each individual material will be cheaper than paying for the finished products upfront.

Either way, due to the rarity of Calf Leather with treasure map hunting, it’s unclear when (or if) these exorbitant prices will go down. You can either wait things out and see if you can find a deal, or you can try and get the outfit sooner.