How to get the Cape of Happiness in Final Fantasy XIV

The Cape of Happiness offers a sizeable flex for glam-chasers.

Image via /u/kiliadrake

While Warriors of Light have continued their relentless battle against another end of the world in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, Square Enix dropped a new item that can be crafted in Patch 6.05. Before embarking on the journey to make your own Cape of Happiness, a few requirements should be noted.

First, the Cape of Happiness requires a level 90 Weaver, which also means that players seeking this item will need to own Endwalker. Players will need to seek four separate ingredients to craft the Cape of Happiness:

  • Wind Cluster (x3)
  • Lightening Cluster (x3)
  • AR-Caean Velvet (x3)
  • Cloth of Happiness

The two clusters can be harvested as is standard, and the velvet will require multiple AR-Caean cotton balls. The Cloth of Happiness, however, comes from another feature that arrived with patch 6.05 — the new treasure dungeon Excitatron 6000. Expect to take some time running the treasure dungeon for the coffers containing the Cloth of Happiness, and note that the cloth can also be used by a max-level leatherworker for other items.

Once all materials are gathered, players have a final step to unlock the recipe. The purchasing of said recipe is done by gathering 1,200 White Crafter Scrips and heading to any standard Scrip Exchange merchant across Hydaelyn.

Note that while the Cape of Happiness is a gorgeous glam-centric item, it does remove the tail of characters. The cape currently sells (on Goblin shard) for slightly higher than 800,000 gil, making this a feasible (if time-intensive) means of grinding gil via the market.