How to Get the Competitor’s Time Brella in Fortnite

The Competitor’s Time Brella in Fortnite is a prestigious Glider only dedicated players who know what they’re doing will be able to get.


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Fortnite is filled with cosmetic items and skins for players to unlock and show off in every match they play. Some are rarer than others, and others, such as the Competitor’s Time Brella, are so exclusive that they’re only available to the most skilled players.

The Competitor’s Time Brella is an Uncommon Glider in Fortnite that players can only unlock if they participate in a specific event. The item has been most recently available in the Fortnite OG Season, though it could pop up again. This is because it’s a time traveler’s device, so there’s no limit to where it might appear in Fortnite’s future or past.

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How to Get the Competitor’s Time Brella in Fortnite

To get the Competitor’s Time Brella in Fortnite, players must complete any Ranked Quest before the end of the Fortnite OG Season on December 2, 2023. Originally, this Glider was a reward for earning 75 points in the Silver Ranked Cup. However, Epic Games had an undisclosed issue with those tournaments and has changed the requirements to allow players who wanted to get it to do so in the time left of the season.

Content creators such as Shiina have been discussing this Glider and the Competitor’s Skyblade since the start of the Fortnite OG Season. They’re hugely desirable and are one of the few items in Fortnite players can show off, knowing dozens of others won’t have even seen it before. We like to do this, so we’ll work hard to pick up the Competitor’s Time Brella.

How to Complete a Ranked Quest in Fortnite

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To complete a Ranked Quest in Fortnite, players must play any Ranked Game Mode and complete the quest that pops up as they enter the match. These are referred to in-game as Ranked Urgent Quests, and players won’t know what they are until they’re on the Battle Bus.

We’ve completed loads of these while we were playing the Silver Ranked Cups for Fortnite OG Season. Most of them require players to eliminate foes using a specific weapon. Each one gives players two options, such as pistols and shotguns, to work with so they can pick up what they find when they land and, hopefully, complete the quest pretty quickly.

By completing Ranked Urgent Quests, players will unlock time-limited items they might have missed otherwise. These aren’t massively rare or desirable, but they do add new emotes and sprays to a player’s roster that they won’t have the chance to pick up again.