How to get the Cryosthesia 77k Exotic Stasis Sidearm in Destiny 2

Freeze, punk.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer brings a new Season Pass, and a new Season Pass weapon. This season it’s the Cryosthesia 77k, an Exotic Stasis Sidearm. This is the first Stasis weapon to be added to the game since the element arrived in the game as a potential weapon option with the Salvatations Grip grenade launcher.

If you purchase the Premium Tier of the Season Pass, you will be able to unlock it straight away, getting it as part of the monetized tier right at the start of the season. If you go with the free version, you will need to hit Rank 35. You can purchase the Season Pass via the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, and Steam.

You can rank up your Season Pass just by playing the game. Every strike, mission, bounty, Crucible match, and other activity in the game will earn you some XP towards your season pass, allowing you to benefit from all the free goodies it contains. This season also introduces the new Override activity, a great way to grind experience and rewards. Don’t forget, Weekly Bounties are no more, and you will now be grinding seasonal challenges the same way we were last season.

We are not sure how the Cryosthesia 77k will actually play in the game just yet. It will be interesting to see if the weapon can slow enemies, as this is a major issue that most players have with the Stasis damage type at this moment in time.