How to get the Dalek skin in Fall Guys

Exterminate! Exterminate!

Image via Mediatonic

The Doctor’s sworn nemesis, the Daleks, are conquering their way into Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout in the form of outfits. The Dalek costume is part of four outfits coming to the game as part of Mediatonic’s and BBC’s partnership to bring Doctor Who contents to Fall Guys. The other costumes from the tie-in are based on the Thirteenth Doctor, the Fourth Doctor, and the Tenth/Fourteenth Doctor. The Dalek outfit will only be available for a limited time, so get it when you still can.

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How to dress up as the Dalek from Doctor Who in Fall Guys

The outfits from Doctor Who will arrive at the Fall Guys in-game store on November 1. You need in-game currency called Show-Bucks to buy them, and you earn Show-Bucks by either ranking up in the seasonal battle passes or using real-world money to purchase some. Most cross-over outfits cost around 800 Show-Bucks, and a bundle with all the outfits will likely be released alongside the costumes but will cost more.

If you only want the Dalek outfit, then you can spend $7.99 to earn 1,000 Show-Bucks at the game’s store. The Doctor Who clothes will only be available until November 5. Mediatonic will occasionally re-release old skins from past tie-ins, yet your best chance to get any of the Doctor Who outfits is to buy them within the first and fifth day of November.

Doctor Who is a sci-fi television show that began airing nearly sixty years ago. The show stars an extraterrestrial who can regenerate before dying and become a new person played by a different actor. Each version of the Doctor is differentiated by when they first appeared, i.e. the Thirteenth Doctor being the thirteenth variant of the character. Daleks are aliens who transformed themselves into cold-hearted machines with a plunger sticking out of them. They wish to exterminate or conquer all beings they deem as lower life forms, which is everything. They are famous for their robotic chant, which is “EXTERMINATE!”