How to get the Data Log in Signs of Life quest step in Destiny 2

Download a computer file.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light

The last planet you have to help evacuate in Destiny 2 is Mars. There, you must assist Ana to leave the planet, and one of those steps includes making sure Rasputin is ready to travel to the Tower. The first step you need to complete in the quest is to find the Data Log for Rasputin, but the location is a little baffling, and it’s easy to miss.

You can reach it inside of Bray Tech by going to the left of where Ana is. There’s a doorway you can follow that will take you further into the facility. You want to proceed into the Aurora Reach. The quest tells you to go into MindLab: Rasputin, but you don’t have to go that far to reach your destination. It’s a little after you fight a handful of Hive.

There will be a small tunnel you need to crouch through to reach the area you want to be in. When you see the first area notification having entered the Mindlab: Rasputin, stop inside that room. Your goal is on the other side of a large glass panel. There’s an access port you can reach by jumping over the gap and crouching inside.

The Data Log will be on the console. Return to Mars’ main area to do the next quest step to complete Exodus: Evacuation, and obtain the Traveler’s Chosen exotic weapon.