How to Get The Dawning 2023 Armor Ornaments in Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s The Dawning 2023 Armor Ornaments are some of the best-looking that have ever graced the game, and players love them.

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The Dawning 2023 event in Destiny 2 is well underway, and the most important part of it is on full show, the fashion. Players care a lot about the way they look in this game, and The Dawning Armor Ornaments are always the best way to show off.

The Dawning is Destiny 2’s answer to Christmas. Eva Levante invades the Tower with Christmas cheer and sends players out to bake up a storm using her oven. It might be messy, especially with the amount of reused content in The Dawning 2023, but it’s still a nice change of pace from the standard grind that the base game has to offer. For most, the big question for the event is how to get the coveted and desirable Armor Ornaments for The Dawning 2023.

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How to Get The Dawning 2023 Armor Ornaments in Destiny 2

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To get The Dawning 2023 Armor Ornaments in Destiny 2, players must purchase them from the Eververse Store. The Bundles cost 1,500 Silver each, which is around $15/£15. When we checked the shop, we could see three bundles for every Class. There’s a bundle for 2023’s Armor Ornaments, one for 2022’s, and one for 2021’s. It’s unclear if it’s possible to get any The Dawning Armor Ornaments from years prior to this.

How to Equip Armor Ornaments in Destiny 2

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To equip Armor Ornaments in Destiny 2, players must open their Guardian menu and then select a piece of armor to customize. In the Armor Cosmetics section on the lower page of the customization menu is a slot for Ornaments. By hovering over it, players can select an Ornament from the ones they have in their roster, including those from The Dawning 2023, if they’ve purchased them.

This is the only place Ornaments will appear in Destiny 2. So when players purchase them, they won’t see them as a separate piece of armor for them to equip. The beauty of this system is that players can upgrade and Masterwork a piece of armor they love, equipping it with the best Mods possible. Then, they can use an Ornament to make it look like the most beautiful piece of armor in the game, even if it looks incredibly ugly without it. We prefer the ugly armor from Season of the Deep because we think it makes our Guardian look unique.