How to get the Decoy skill in The Division 2

Add this useful skill to your Division Agent’s toolset.

You have access to a brand new skill in The Division 2 called Decoy. With it, you can create a holographic display of yourself to distract enemies, drawing fire away from yourself so you can gain some cover to regroup, or to flank anyone distracted by it.

To acquire the skill, you need to have access to the Warlords of New York expansion pack. You cannot obtain the skill without it. Once you have the expansion installed, proceed through the main story, and make sure you go after Theo Parrel, the Warlord located in the Circuit Center district. You need to do the first three missions, which have you follow Theo’s trail in the city.

By following the main mission, you should corner Theo and fight against him, along with waves of NPCs. Theo uses the holographic projector against you during this encounter, forcing you to locate his real position to do any damage to him. The same goes for any of the NPCs that spawn during the fight. At the same time, you also have to deal with turrets every once in and while when Theo summons them, which you can take out by hitting the red portion of their generators.

You gain access to the Decoy skill after you take down Theo and loot his body. You immediately gain access to the skill, and right now, it only has a single option on it. After taking him down, you can choose to equip it with your character immediately, or you can go to the quartermaster to switch it out for any of your skills.

The Decoy skill can prove useful during a fight, especially if you need to find some new cover or have too many enemies shooting at you. It doesn’t last forever, though. It could complement new gear items you add to your Recalibration table, or any special God Rolls you acquire during your journey into Warlords of New York.