How to Get the Draconis Tetrachroma Emblem in Destiny 2

There are many rare Emblems for players to collect in Destiny 2, but some, such as Draconis Tetrachroma, are rarer than others.

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Image via Bungie

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Character customization is a huge potion of Destiny 2. It’s such a big part of the community that players have even started a fashion magazine based on Destiny 2 character designs. Alongside those designs are collectible Emblems, and some are coveted more than anything else in the game.

Destiny 2 has dozens of items for players to collect. From Ghost Shells and Ornaments to weapons with specific god rolls that won’t ever pop up again. However, chief of all the collectibles in Destiny 2 are Emblems. These are banners that sit behind a player’s name in all multiplayer activities, and some are so rare, such as Draconis Tetrachroma, that only a handful of players in the world have them.

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How to Get the Draconis Tetrachroma Emblem in Destiny 2

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Image via Bungie

To get the Draconis Tetrachroma Emblem in Destiny 2, players need to bake their best dessert and post it on social media by December 14, 2023, using #DawningBakeOff so that the Bungie development team sees it. The most important part of this process is that the hashtag is used. Otherwise, there’s no way that the bake will be entered into the competition.

The players who will get the Draconis Tetrachroma Emblem in Destiny 2 will be those with bakes featured in the This Week in Destiny 2 article on Bungie’s website on December 14, 2023. Quite a few entries can be featured, but not thousands, so most players will miss out on this Emblem. We’d argue that there will only be a dozen or so handed out, making this Emblem rarer than some of the rarest currently in the game. Potentially even rarer than World First Emblems.

Unfortunately for some, this is indeed a competition. Bungie is looking for the best desserts out there, but it hasn’t clarified what it means by best. It could indicate that a dessert should be Destiny 2-themed, potentially after one of the cookies players bake using Eva Levante’s oven. It could also be a simpler definition of best, requiring the picture or video to show the best dessert out there as deemed by the person posting it and Bungie’s own discretion.

We’d like to believe it’s a mix of both, but what we really want to see featured in the article is desserts themed after Destiny 2. Players have baked some of the cookies Eva Levante requires them to make in-game before, and they’ve all looked delicious. A full recreation of the Tower in gingerbread or an edible cake Ghost Shell would be very impressive and certainly worthy of the Draconis Tetrachroma Emblem.