Destiny 2: Top 10 Exotic Ghost Shells

Don’t you want your Ghost to be adorable in Destiny 2? Well we have the perfect list to help you find the right cosmetic cover.

Image via Destiny Bulletin

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Who would’ve thought that one of the best parts of Destiny would be the introduction of Ghost Shell customization? Especially after all the hype of the first game, which touted great multiplayer first-person shooter action and endless storytelling and loot.

We are here to tell you that these are indeed the ghost shells that keep many coming back for more, because who can resist seeing these cute outfits on these floaty little guys? In this top ten list, we go over the Exotic option specifically to find the best of the best.

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10. Winterview Shell

Image via Destiny 2 Item Analytics

Destiny 2 boasts some excellent, seasonally themed cosmetics and the fact that they had enough creativity to turn the idea of Christmas into this awesome shell design is the chef’s kiss. As you can see, the texture modification turns the metal coating into a cracked outer coating, resembling the Traveler while hovering inside a snow globe. Unfortunately, this item is seasonal only, so hopefully it will return next year.

9. Cottontail Shell

Image via Destiny 2 Item Analytics

Bunnies are pretty popular, even in a galaxy thousands of years into the future. Destiny 2 players can’t deny, it is pretty cute, and sometimes that’s just what you need while shooting up Hive enemies. The color choice fits as well, though that’s probably more to do with the holiday than catering to a certain demographic. This one is also a seasonal purchase, but we have a feeling that it’ll be returning soon.

8. Lapine Shell

Image via Destiny 2 Item Analytics

We’re not quite sure what this is supposed to be, but the design is still pretty neat. It seems similar to an anime mascot with round eyes and perky ears. The texture is a bit worn on the outside, but that’s probably from frequent use. To be fair, a lot of the stuff we get in Destiny 2 looks pretty beat up as well, so it’s best not to throw stones.

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7. Nucleus Shell

Image via Destiny 2 Item Analytics

Okay, so for anyone who’s been on Amazon while shopping for speakers or computers lately, this Destiny 2 Ghost looks exactly like one of those Creative Pebbles speakers. This cannot be a coincidence, but even still, it’s an awesome design that lends itself well to the idea of nuclei in machine form. It’s a good thing that the developers opted not to have them all speak at once. That would have been too creepy. By the way, you can find this one as a random drop from Bright Engrams.

6. Nine Live Shell

Image via Destiny 2 Item Analytics

Despite the name, the special properties of the shell do not indeed restrict your Destiny 2 Guardian to nine lives. Okay, bad joke aside, this is one of the more in-depth designs we’ve seen so far. What makes it stand out, other than the ears, is the cat eye in the center. We’re so used to seeing the normal split diamond or oval eye from all the other options. You can also grab this one from Bright Engrams.

5. Plasma Shell

Image via Destiny 2 Item Analytics

Ouch, this one looks painful to touch, but thankfully our Destiny 2 Ghost does a great job keeping itself afloat. Needless to say, the energy-like shell looks spectacular, and the texture has an otherworldly feel to it, thanks to the glowy bits. As an aside, does it gather electromagnetic waves to float, or is it from some type of propeller inside? You can grab this one through Bright Engrams if you dig the design.

4. Rival Titan Shell

Image via Destiny 2 Item Analytics

This Destiny 2 Ghost shell is a tale of two ideas. First, the shell itself is pretty basic—a classic chrome design with a few indentations here and there. But the fact that there’s a lion kneeing it on the sides has got to be one of the coolest things we’ve seen. It looks like it’s trying to pounce on it and got stuck while doing it. This one gets an A+ for creativity, but the bad news is that it can only be found during the Guardian Games Event.

3. Empathic Shell

Image via Destiny 2 Item Analytics

If there’s one thing that’ll never go out of style, it’s heart-shaped designs. You can slap a heart on anything, and it’ll turn into the cutest thing ever. This Destiny 2 Ghost shell is no exception, and we have to commend Bungie for turning such a desirable design into a charity reward. We also want to send a special shoutout to everyone who participated, and we hope you enjoy this one.

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2. Adonis Shell

Destiny 2 Item Analytics

The Adonis Shell in Destiny 2 is amazing thanks to the starfish design with the open flap decorating the outer edges. It has another unique eye design, like the cat eye, that resembles a purple poke ball. If only it could capture some of the harder-to-beat bosses, then we wouldn’t have to deal with huge swarms of enemies alone. This is an Eververse purchase, so be prepared to cash out some real money.

1. Hareball Shell

Image via Destiny 2 Item Analytics

Alright, this is the last bunny-themed shell we’ll show, we promise. And no, it’s not because this is the end of the list. On a serious note, this is another cool Destiny 2 Ghost shell that highlights the anime-like influence a lot of these designs have. They even got the colors right, as it’s less Easter bunny-influenced than the last one. This one was available in the Seasons of Arrival Dungeons.