How to get the eggs in Blue Reflection: Second Light

Find the secret ingredient.


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After you’ve taken in the early parts of the story in Blue Reflection: Second Light, everyone’s attention will turn to food; you’re out of supplies and need to gather more. This forms the goal of our first mission into The Faraway. However, the eggs, the key object that you’re trying to find in this food-gathering effort, can be tricky to obtain. This guide covers how to get the eggs so you can get back to the school and start crafting straight away.

Locate the teamwork icon

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While exploring The Faraway, you’ll be given a map marker for the eggs, but it’s on top of a building. As you make your way towards the location, no clear way to climb the roof like a ladder or a door is present. That’s because you need to use teamwork to get up there.

Just behind the house is a blue marker on the floor with an icon of two hands shaking floating above it. Walk up to this and interact with it. You’ll see two characters help each other jump up to the ledge above. From there, you need to turn around and look at the tree trunk that stretches across to the building. This is how you get across.

Where to find the eggs

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Walk across the tree, and you’ll start balancing as you walk across the roof. The eggs are in the golden floating glowing orb at the opposite end of the building’s roof. Collect them, get back to safety, and you’ll complete the mission. After that, you’ll watch a cutscene and head back to the school to begin crafting a tasty meal.