How to get the Elpis Stone Pillar in Final Fantasy XIV

Take a piece of Elpis home with you.

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Take a piece of the Unsundered world back home with the Elpis Stone Pillar housing item. An outdoor furnishing reminiscent of the Ancients’ gardens, this elegant structure is a must-have for every Warrior of Light’s backyard. Here is how to acquire the Elpis Stone Pillar.

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Where to get the Elpis Stone Pillar

Image via Gamepur

Players will be able to trade Bicolored Gemstones, obtained from clearing FATEs, for the Elpis Stone Pillar by talking to Aisara at Anagnorisis (X:24.4, Y:23.5). They cost 50 Bicolor Gemstones each, and require players to hit rank 3 in the Elpis Shared FATEs zone.

Farming Bicolored Gemstones is fairly straightforward — just farm the Elpis FATEs you need to reach rank 3 and you should amass more than enough Bicolor Gemstones to trade for the Elpis Stone Pillars. Players will most likely struggle with hitting rank 3 for the Elpis Shared FATEs zone, as it requires them to dedicate a fair bit of time to doing these FATEs. Unlocking flying in Elpis is a must if you do not have a friend who can ferry you from FATE to FATE, due to the sheer number you have to complete (a total of 67 to reach rank 3). To maximize efficiency, it is recommended to farm FATEs on a combat job you want to level, and have your Chocobo companion out with you while doing so, as it will not only make the process of FATE farming faster, but will also level up your companion along the way.

Unfortunately for any Warriors of Light looking to make a quick buck, the Elpis Stone Pillar is an untradeable furnishing, so it cannot be traded between players or sold on the Marketboard. Players will have to unlock the trade and farm Bicolored Gemstones by themselves in order to acquire one, or utilize a shared estate to place one in their own inventory via the housing menu.