How to Get the Exotic Catalyst for Dragon’s Breath in Destiny 2

Dragon’s Breath was added to Destiny 2 with Season of the Wish, but it’s true power comes from its Exotic Catalyst.

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Dragon’s Breath is an Exotic rocket launcher in Destiny 2 that was added with Season of the Wish. While it’s a powerful ally in battle, it only becomes a true assert once players pick up and complete its Exotic Catalyst. But it’s not that obvious how to grab the Catalyst.

Every Destiny 2 player has at least one or two Exotic weapons that they use in every build. These weapons have unique perks that make them stand out from every other weapon, especially those that come and go with seasons. Dragon’s Breath is no different, but it’s the Exotic Catalyst that will really make this a powerful tool in the hands of any player once they’ve gotten their hands on both elements.

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How Do You Get the Exotic Catalyst for Dragon’s Breath in Destiny 2?

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To get the Exotic Catalyst for Dragon’s Breath in Destiny 2, players need to own the weapon and then visit the Tower, where they can pick it up from vendor Banshee-44. Players can get Dragon’s Breath from the Season of the Wish Season Pass, either as the first rank from the premium track or a later rank in the free track.

When players speak to Banshee-44 after collecting Dragon’s Breath, they’ll see the Exotic Catalyst as a quest they can add to their inventory. The first step will be shown as players take it from the NPC, giving them some idea of what’s required to upgrade the weapon.

What Does the Exotic Catalyst for Dragon’s Breath in Destiny 2 Do?

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The Dragon’s Breath Exotic Catalyst, Pyromancer, will improve the passive regeneration of fuel in the weapon once players have unlocked it by completing the An Old Flame quest. Any enemies killed with this weapon will spawn Firesprites, which will burn and damage nearby enemies further. This adds another layer of strategy to the weapon that makes it viable in almost every situation.

The Exotic Catalyst will also Masterwork Dragon’s Breath, making it the best it possibly can be. It’ll max out one of the weapon’s base stats to improve it beyond its base capabilities. This can be tweaked somewhat, but the main benefit is the added perk that the Catalyst will bring to this rocket launcher.