How to get the Extra Reserves mod in Destiny 2

Don’t stop shooting.

Destiny 2

The Extra Reserves mod in Destiny 2 is a very useful mod, especially for those who like to lean into the game’s more powerful Void weapons.

This mod will cause enemies killed with Void damage to have a chance of dropping Special Ammo while a Guardian is Charged With Light. This effect will consume all stacks of Charged With Light, but the more stacks you have, the better the chance of gaining some special ammo. The Extra Reserves mod will have a -10 negative effect on Intellect, however.

Players can become Charged With Light by using very specific mods, gaining a charge when they perform a very specific task described on the mod, as long as they are using that mod in their loadout.

To get the Extra Reserves mod, you will need to visit Banshee, the Gunsmith in the Tower. He will sell some random mods every day, and if you get lucky, you will discover that he is selling the Extra Reserves mod. It will cost 10 Mod Components, which can be earned by doing Banshee’s Daily Bounties.

If you do not have any mods that enable you to become Charged With Light, then Banshee can also sell these, so make sure you check his stock each day.

Extra Reserves is an armor mod, meaning it will work with any source of Void damage from your weapons to your abilities, giving you an excellent chance to generate additional Special Ammo while playing the game. With the current slew of powerful Void weapons in the game, it is a great option for Guardians.