How to get the Fortuna Island Token in Lost Ark

Busting jars open for a token.

Image via Smilegate RPG

Lost Ark has a number of different collectibles in the game, each providing tons of important rewards such as Skill Point Potions and Mounts. One of these collectibles is Island Tokens, or Island Souls, which are drops found on the 95 different islands across the Lost Ark world. Islands are special locations you can reach through sailing, and each one drops an Island Token or Soul through a different method.

The Fortuna Island Token is dropped through an RNG method after participating in an event on the island. You can get the Fortuna Island Token by destroying jars that are located around the island. There are also golden jars that have a higher chance of dropping the Island Token. Regular jars spawn fairly quickly while Golden Jars spawn every five minutes or so.

Fortuna Island Token

Here is the location of Fortuna Island:

Screenshot by DoubleXP

This island doesn’t have any special co-op quest and simply requires you to destroy jars around the island. Jars also have a chance to spawn monsters that can deal considerable damage.

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There is also a yellow quest on the island that requires you to destroy three Golden Jars around the island. It’s recommended to do this quest while hunting for the soul, as you will get free Silver, Charisma, and Roster XP. The rewards aren’t too enticing, but there’s no reason not to accept this quest while you hunt for your Island Token.

Fortuna Island has no special requirement to enter the island, and you can enter this location every day. This is one of the easier Island Tokens to obtain as there is no special requirement or hoops to jump through, so be sure to hit up this island as one of your first Island Tokens.