All Fortnite The Big Bang Event Reveals: Rhythm Game, LEGO Fortnite & Rocket Racing

Fortnite OG Season is going to end with The Big Bang event, featuring rapper Eminem, exclusive skins, and so much more.

fortnite big bang event featured image

Image via HypeX

Fortnite OG is coming to a close with The Big Bang Event. This moment in Fortnite history is set to be the biggest players have ever seen and will include various franchise crossovers and a collaboration with one of the biggest artists on the planet, Eminem.

Fortnite’s seasons always end with a cataclysmic event, whether it’s the map collapsing in on itself or artists dropping into the title to put on the biggest digital show of their careers. Fortnite OG is no different. In fact, it’s set to end with the biggest event in the game’s history, hosting an Eminem concert, a crossover event, and a couple of new game modes to keep players engaged for hours.

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Everything Revealed During The Big Bang Event in Fortnite

We were part of the initial The Big Bang Event in Fortnite and saw everything. The event is similar to The End from Fortnite Season X. However, when the black hole appeared in the original ending, The Big Bang instead throws players into new worlds that are coming to Fortnite in the future. We’ve outlined everything on show during the event below.

Time Machine Rocket Explosion

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Big Bang Event starts with the rocket, which has a time machine strapped to it, flying into the sky, creating a rift, and destroying the island. Then, the player’s character is thrown out into a galaxy of possibilities to explore.

Lego Fortnite

Screenshot by Gamepur

The first new game mode shown was Lego Fortnite. This is billed as a crafting survival game where players work together in adventures across Fortnite-inspired worlds. This is the mode we love the look of the most and wanted to get dropped off in. It’s set to release in Fortnite on December 7, 2023.

Rocket Racing

Screenshot by Gamepur

The next world we visited was for Rocket Racing. This game mode is a collaboration with Rocket League, allowing players to race against one another across amazing tracks in cars that are ripped right out of the competitive car game. We wished we had the chance to drive these cars in the event, but that wasn’t on offer. The game mode will be released on December 8, 2023.

Fortnite Festival

Screenshot by Gamepur

The final new game mode on show was Fortnite Festival, featuring Eminem. This game mode seems to host various artists on stage that players will play a rhythm game to songs from. The game resembles Guitar Hero and isn’t that innovative, but it is a great way to give Fortnite fans who love music more bang for their buck. The mode launches on December 9, 2023 alongside a live event with The WEEKND.

Fortnite Shared Game Worlds

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once The Big Bang Event had ended, we got to stare out into the shared universe of these Fortnite Game Worlds. The message is clear, they’re all part of Fortnite, but exist in separate worlds. It seems to be a way to host amazing games within Fortnite without bloating the menu. We love the idea and can’t wait to see more when the modes start to trickle out.

When is the Start Date and time of Fortnite The Big Bang Event

Image via Epic Games

The start date and time for the Fortnite The Big Bang Event is 2 AM ET/11 AM PT/7 PM GMT on December 2, 2023. This information has been confirmed by Epic Games via the official Fortnite Twitter account shortly after the event’s details were shared by leakers sifting through the latest update files.

A second and third showing for the event were added due to the popularity of the first. The second showing is at 5 PM ET, and the second at 11 PM ET. After that, Fortnite will experience some downtime ahead of the launch of Chapter 5 Season 1 Underground.

How to Play The Big Bang Event in Fortnite

To play The Big Bang Event in Fortnite, players must launch the game and then select The Big Bang Event as their activity. Then, when they launch that activity, they’ll enter the event. It might take a while to machmake into the event because of how players are interacting with it.

What is Fortnite The Big Bang Event

Epic Games has touted Fortnite’s The Big Bang Event as unforgettable. As with previous Fortnite events, it will evolve the game and map, but this time, it’ll change everything players know about the game. In what way, we’re not sure. Finally, there will be a memorable reveal towards the end of Fortnite The Big Bang, one that will no doubt point to the future of Fortnite.

According to leakers such as HypeX, the event will also introduce two new game modes, a rhythm mode, and a racing mode. HypeX has also revealed the fact that there’s going to be a LEGO crossover during The Big Bang, and Eminem will be holding a concert, bringing new skins to Fortnite for players to claim. We’d expect the LEGO crossover to have something to do with the racing mode, given the franchise’s history with video games and DLC.

A teaser image for the new Fortnite The Big Bang Event Lobby shows galaxies linked by light and a LEGO llama in the foreground. This could indicate that there will be multiple versions of Fortnite to play after this event ends, one with LEGO visuals and one without, and multiple others to be introduced later. Those details won’t be confirmed until the event’s end.

Leaker iFireMonkey has confirmed details for some of the new game modes. The LEGO mode will be an open world game mode in Fortnite where players can pick a class and take on jobs from NPCs. The worlds will be procedurally generated and allow for maximum creativity.

A Rocket Racing game mode will see players thrown into various speedy vehicles where they’ll spend their time racing others in Fortnite. It’s a far cry from the racing tracks seen in previous iterations of the map, but one that players will likely welcome.

Finally, there will also be a Rock Band style Festival Mode. This is said to be the rhythm game mode other leakers have mentioned. Players will be able to play solo or as a team, playing various instruments while competing with others for the highest score.

All Skins Available During Fortnite The Big Bang Event

At the time of writing, the only skins we know will be added to Fortnite during The Big Bang Event are Eminem’s. A base skin has been doing the rounds online alongside a Marshall Never More skin. The latter of which has a Magma Marshall Style for players to unlock by attending The Big Bang Event.

However, there will be more Eminem collaboration skins because at least one more has been shared online with yet another Style for players to grab. We don’t know the details of which of these Fortnite skins will be available for free to everyone and which must be purchased from the in-game store.