Fortnite Rocket Racing Leaks Hint at Car Customization & Bot Drivers

Fortnite leakers have shared the first details about the Rocket Racing mode dataminers discovered from its latest update files.


Screenshot by Gamepur

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Reliable Fortnite leakers have shared the first details of the game’s upcoming Rocket Racing mode, which is set to join the roster of core Fortnite game modes following the finale of the OG Season. While it doesn’t sound as engaging as battle royale, fans are excited for something fresh.

When leakers shared details of Fortnite’s The Big Bang Event, which will conclude the OG Season on December 2, 2023, they also shared other information found in the game’s most recent update files. Among the files were mentions of new game modes that would appear once the event ends and the next season goes live, including a racing mode.

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Fortnite Fans Excited for Rocket Racing Mode’s Custom Lobbies

Prolific Fortnite leaker Shiina shared these early details on the Rocket Racing mode on Twitter earlier today. Among the features allegedly included are car customization for the chassis, wheels, and boosters, bot drivers to fill out matches, a global leaderboard, driver reactions, custom lobbies, and map voting.

The car customization options sound very similar to those in Rocket League. Fortnite and Rocket League already have a close relationship, with those signed up to the Fortnite Crew Subscription getting the Rocket League Season Pass in addition to Fortnite’s. It could be us making a jump, but this racing mode sounds extremely closely related to Psynoix’s car battle title.

Fans are looking forward to this new game mode, though with some trepidation. “They’re having a racing mode! There better be some power ups,” one player said. Everyone wants to enjoy the latest part of Fortnite, but they don’t want to get their hopes up because they know it won’t be the best it can be at launch. Epic Games has a habit of needing to iterate on games using feedback until they’re perfect.

Some players are already sold. “I really hope this mode does well as someone who’s a big NASCAR fan.” We have to admit that the idea of a Fortnite racing mode with even more cosmetics in the Battle Pass to unlock does sound fun. If Epic Games slots the mode in with everything else Fortnite offers, it could give each season more longevity.

Fortnite is packed with cosmetics that players have been unlocking and hoarding for years. Some see this game mode as a way to make use of them in new forms. “Be cool if we can use our sprays on them! More used for them.” Even if the crossover between cosmetics comes later, we’d love to see it brought to life.