How to get the Free Street Shadows Pack in Fortnite – all challenges

Take it to the streets.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Free stuff is good stuff, and that rule certainly applies in Fortnite. Players who want to get their hands on the Free Street Shadows Pack are in luck, as it is available in the game right now.

To get it, players simply need to visit the item shop, scroll down to the Packs section, then select the Free Street Shadows Pack. Click the “Buy” button and you will automatically get it for free. The pack is marked as having no cost, so you shouldn’t get confused about what you want.

Console players will need to make their way to the Epic Games Store link here if they wish to get it, as it will not be available through the console stores. You effectively need to set up a PC Epic Games Store account to do so.

You do not automatically get the items in the Street Shadows Pack, and will instead need to finish some reasonably simple challenges to get them all.

  • Play five matches with friends – Street Shadows Back Bling
  • Outlast 500 opponents – Street Shadows Glider
  • Deal Damage to 1000 opponents – Street Shadows Harvesting Tool
  • Complete the three previous steps – Street Shadows Ruby Skin

The challenge is actually pretty substantial, if simple, and should take a while. The step that is likely to take the longest is the one to damage 1000 other players. You may want to jump into Team Rumble to get this one wrapped up. It’s not a good idea to do that until you have finished the “outlast opponent” step, as technically nobody is ever eliminated in Team Rumble, so you are better off doing that challenge in standard matches.