How to get the Get the Popcorn achievement in Halo Infinite

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Screenshot via Halo YouTube

The “Get the Popcorn” achievement in Halo Infinite requires you to view a clip in Theater. Theater Mode is a historied Halo feature that lets you watch and edit recordings of your matches. Viewing a clip is pretty easy to do, but it will require a bit of menu navigation. Here’s the most straightforward way to get this achievement.

How to view a clip

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you’ve already finished a match in Halo Infinite, skip to the second paragraph. If you’ve yet to complete a match, you’ll need to make sure you’re on the Play tab in the Main Menu, click Custom Game, and press Play. Once you’ve completely loaded into the match (when you’re allowed to fire your weapon), hit the Menu (aka Start) button on your controller, scroll down, press End Game, then press Okay. Make sure you don’t press Leave Match instead. If you do, the game will not be saved to your Match History. Once you’re out of the match, back out to the Main Menu.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

From the Play tab on the Main Menu, use the Right Bumper to get to the Community tab, then press Theater. You should see an option that says My Match History. Select My Match History, click on any of the available Films you have, press Watch Film, then confirm by pressing Watch. The film will start to play, and the Get the Popcorn achievement will unlock.