How to get the Goat Grabber achievement in BitLife

Join the school team.

Image via Candywriter

An achievement you might want to try and complete in BitLife is called Goat Grabber. It became available during the Luxury Update and involves you to join a Goat Grabbing team in the game.

A Goat Grabbing team is unique to Afghanistan. To join this team, you need to be born there. When making a new life in BitLife, make sure to ensure your character starts out in this country.

From there, you want to focus on keeping your health stat up as high as possible. You can do this by routinely going out for walks every year when you’re able to do so, and keep yourself healthy during your lifetime.

You want to wait until you reach secondary school while living in Afghanistan. You will reach this point at age 16 if you have not dropped out of school. From there, you have the option to experience extracurricular activities. Scroll to the bottom and choose to join the Goat Grabbing team.

Each year, alongside your studies, you want to try and practice for your team to remain on it. Make sure to spend extra time working on improving with your team to remain on it.

You also have the option to join it while attending college in Afghanistan.