Fortnite looks to steal players’ hearts away with its new Most Wanted event, featuring a GTA-inspired “Heat” system

The two-week extravaganza sees 11 more weapons come to the battle royale’s island.

Image via Epic Games

Coming off its second Dragon Ball crossover, Fortnite seemingly has no desire to slow down its in-game events, as the 23.40Uupdate debuts the crime-centric Most Wanted event. The surprise two-week affair delivers a new enemy faction to its battle royale modes, and players must break open their vaults for a chance to own one of 11 new weapons. However, its new Heat system won’t make this task an easy feat.

Live until February 28, Fortnite Most Wanted is centered around a faction known as the Cold Blooded syndicate locking away almost a dozen weapons in special vaults for players to find. This includes Heisted Exotics, a never-before-seen family of guns that’s powers exceeds that of standard Exotic Weapons. However, the latest Fortnite blog post reveals the event also unvaults a set of classic weapons, such as the Hand Cannon, Heavy Sniper, and Boom Sniper Rifle.

New and returning weapons are not the only elements to affect Fortnite’s gameplay during Most Wanted either. For a limited time, those who eliminate players or open vaults will raise their “Heat Level,” making them more visible to opponents and a prime target for the Cold Blooded syndicate to chase after. That said, the system is still rewarding, as high Heat Levels give these wanted players additional speed and health regeneration.

More importantly, Most Wanted is accompanied by its own unique rewards tracker and questline. Players who complete Most Wanted quests will be granted “infamy,” which progresses them toward the 12 cosmetics in the tracker. These cosmetics range from new Harvesting Tools and Back Blings, and anyone able to max out their infamy can expect to be gifted the exclusive Gold Blooded Ace skin, one of the members of this notorious syndicate.

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Despite all appearances, Most Wanted is just one of the free-to-play title’s active events. The battle royale is also hosting a special School of Llama questline, a web-based event that offers fans the opportunity to unlock a wealth of The Witcher gear and XP. Meanwhile, the fantasy series’ protagonist, Geralt of Rivia, can be obtained from their own set of in-game quests.