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How to get the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest

Stay gold.

Survival is difficult in Sons of the Forest, especially when you have to deal with mutants and cannibals running amock on the island. Weapons are great but armor is what will really help you stay safe as you explore the wilderness. The Golden Armor can be found hidden on the island and obtaining it is no easy feat. You will have to brave the elements and survive some mutant attacks. This guide will show you how to get the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest.

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Where to find the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest

There are a lot of items hidden throughout the island from the Rebreather, to the elusive Shovel, and everything in between. Obtaining all the items is no easy task and oftentimes you need other items to find the ones you’re looking for. Before you can get your hands on the Golden Armor, you will need to gather the Maintenance Keycard from another section of the island. You will need this keycard to open the facility containing the armor.

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Once you have the Maintenance Keycard, make your way to the opposite side of the mountain to the area marked on the map above. You will see a large lake near the edge of the mountain. Near the lake, you will see a blinking green dot. Head there to find a cave. Inside is a bunker. Progress forward and you will end up finding a door that you need to interact with. Interacting with the door will initiate a cutscene that shows a massive mutant.

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When the cutscene ends, the mutant will be blocking the door you came through. Progress forward and work your way through the facility. Go down the stairs to the second level. You will find a larger room with an open door. Go through the door and down the hallway to find a nice sitting room. On the couch, you will find the Golden Armor. Once you have the Golden Armor, you can equip it by going into your inventory. While you are in the facility, make sure to use the 3D Printer to make some Tech Armor.

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