How to get the Gordon Freeman Headcrab Variant outfit for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Headcrabs have never looked this cute.

Gordon Fall Guy running

With the release of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on the horizon, there is already a lot of discussion both from the beta and the Collector’s Edition announcement about all of the different outfits you can unlock for your character. While most of these unlock will happen via in-game play once the in-game store opens, or a via premium purchase, there is one outfit you can only get if you act now.

The exclusive Gordon Freeman Headcrab Variant outfit is a pre-order bonus, so to get it, you have to pre-order the game on Steam before launch on Aug. 4. According to the details players currently know, there will be no way to unlock this variant after the game releases, and it is not available at all if you are purchasing or otherwise acquiring the game for PlayStation 4. It is only for Steam pre-order.

Gordon Fall Guy
Image via Mediatonic

While in the game series, the outfit originates from Half-Life, headcrabs are quite terrifying creatures, the Fall Guys equivalent is blushing, happy, and friend-shaped. The way the concept has been adapted makes it fit perfectly into the Fall Guys universe. This exclusive comes with the Steam pre-order of the standard edition and the Collector’s Edition alike.

Are you going to pre-order to lock in this lovable exclusive?