How to get the helicopter key in Dubai in Hitman 3

The friendly skies.

Hitman 3

There is no reason to not be stylish in all things in Hitman 3. From sliding down poles to whacking your targets, a touch of class is always appreciated. This extends to making your way out of levels when the killing is done.

If you want to take advantage of the helicopter that can be found in Dubai, you will first need to get your hands on the helicopter key. You can find it on a walkway on the southeast side of the building, on level two.

Getting there won’t be the easiest thing in the world, but you do have plenty of options about what you can do. If you are still wearing the suit you get in the Bird of Prey mission you can head up to the room where you met Ingram, then go out the back door. Here you will find a guard room with a sleeping guard. Subdue him and take his uniform, then dump his body in the closet. Make your way down the hall and you will come to a banister you can vault to get into the backstage area of the art exhibition.

Go left and you will come to a small ledge that you can walk down. You will reach a ladder that allows you to climb down into a hallway. Turn around and walk down the hallway and then go right through some double glass doors that lead to a large balcony. Go left and you will see some targets swinging on poles.

Beside them is a walkway and the key is at the far end of it. You can climb up the ladder to reach the helicopter, and you can take out the pilot to get his clothes if you wish. Just be careful as this area is patrolled by two guards.