How to get the Isle Shepherd’s glamour set in Final Fantasy XIV

Perfect for your island pasture activities.

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One of Final Fantasy XIV’s most popular pieces of casual content for players to kick back and relax with is the Island Sanctuary feature. Players can venture forth and collect a bunch of different materials to improve their island and earn rewards. Some of these rewards are fun new outfits themed around the island home. Upon reaching Rank 12 for their island, players will unlock a simple quest that rewards a new Isle Shepherd’s glamour set.

How to unlock the Far Eastern Yarn quest to obtain the Isle Shepherd’s glamour set in Final Fantasy XIV

Upon reaching the current max rank of 12, the Felicitous Furball in your Cozy Cabin will congratulate you with 7000 Seafarer’s Cowries and send you to the Curious Curier just outside the cabin. This NPC will give you the quest A Far Eastern Yarn, which has you visit the beach for a simple cutscene with familiar friends. The three NPCs will check out the sheep in your pasture and compliment you on a job well done. Once the cutscene completes, you will receive the entire Isle Shepherd’s glamour set for free.

The Isle Shepherd’s glamour set is one of the few items from Island Sanctuary that you are given via a quest as a full set without having to spend Seafarer’s Cowries. Level 90 players who have completed the story of Endwalker can unlock the Island Sanctuary feature and explore their new home away from home to their heart’s content.

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Diligent Island Sanctuary players can improve their island by ranking up over time. This process is done by gardening, raising beasts, gathering resources, completing work orders, constructing buildings, and completing quests. Work orders can even be automated at the beginning of the week for passive experience if you don’t want to micromanage your island every day.