How to get the legendary Ashura Iconic smart sniper rifle in Cyberpunk 2077

It’s a smart rifle.

There are iconic items hidden throughout Cyberpunk 2077. These items are named weapons and pieces of gear that you can craft to create powerful versions for your character that reflect your playstyle. There’s a legendary smart sniper rifle schematic that you can find pretty early called the Ashura. You can find it naturally, or by completing a gig called Small Man, Big Evil.

You will need to have acquired the Edgerunner Artisan perk from the crafting tree under the technical ability attribute. The perk requires for you to have 18 points in technical ability.

Where to find the Ashura legendary smart sniper rifle schematic

The location for the Ashura schematic is at a static location. It does not come from taking out a particular enemy, or by completing a mission. However, the Small Man, Big Evil, occurs right next to it.

The schematic is at the top of a large build, and you can reach the building by going up several flights of stairs that take you straight to the slum rooftops.

If you choose to accept that gig, and then complete it until the end. If you do, the primary target of that gig, Jae-Hyun, has the schematic sitting on a table where they’re hanging out. During that gig, you can take out Jae-Hyun anyway you like, and once you’re finished, grab the schematic, and you can craft it whenever you acquire the Edgerunner Artisan perk.

Ashura legendary smart sniper rifle stats

These are all of the stats the Ashura has when you craft it.

  • DPS: 114.9
  • 361 to 442 damage per hit
  • 0.26 attacks per second
  • Smart Link cyberware is required to use this weapon
  • Smart: Homes in on targets with self-guided micro-projectiles
  • You can craft this weapon and it can potentially have these random stats: Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Bleeding Chance, Burn Chance, Poison Chance, Shock Chance
  • The weapon can have these random damage types: Chemical, Electrical, Physical, or Thermal damage

It requires these materials for you to craft it.

  • 24 rare item components
  • 24 epic item components
  • 1 legendary item components