How to get the mage cape in Valheim

Among the available capes in Valheim, there are two in particular that serve as excellent mantles for mages.

Wearing the Feather Mage Cap in Valheim

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Since the Mistlands update, Valheim adventurers have been able to wield magic weapons with Eitr, and while mage robes or capes have yet to be added, you can still wear apparel fit for a wielder of the arcane arts. Accordingly, the ideal mage capes suitable for mage builds are the Linen Cape and Feather Cape. The Linen Cape provides little protection or utility, but its offering of multiple colors allows for various fashionable looks. On the other hand, the Feather Cape is much less comely, but its Feather Fall ability and Frost Resistance can be immensely practical during exploration.

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Crafting mage capes in Valheim

Green Red and Blue Linen Mage Capes in Valheim
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If you fancy style over usefulness for your mage fit in Valheim, you can craft the Linen Cape using a Level 2 Workbench. This piece of gear is made with Linen Thread × 20 and Silver × 1. Thread is made from Flax at a Spinning Wheel, and Silver is smelted from ore gathered from the Mountains. As mentioned above, Linen Capes come in different colors to offer variety for your mage appearance in Valheim. You can select between six colors via the “Style” button in the Workbench crafting window. The available colors are red, green, blue, yellow, white, and black.

Yellow White and Black Linen Mage Capes in Valheim
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Conversely, if you seek to be a powerful mage with a “levitational ability” that makes you immune to fall damage, you should undoubtedly choose the Feather Cape in Valheim. The resources needed for this article of clothing are notably more costly than the Linen Cape. You will need Feathers × 10, Scale Hide × 5, and Refined Eitr × 20. Feathers come from birds like Gulls or Hens, and Scale Hide is dropped by Hares in the Mistlands. Refined Eitr is made at an advanced workstation called the Eitr Refinery. Once you have all the required materials, you must combine them at a Galdr Table to make your mage Feather Cape in Valheim.