How to get the Magnetic Rod in Tower of Fantasy

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There are plenty of items hidden all across the world of Tower of Fantasy just waiting to be discovered. While some of these items are used for cooking or upgrading your weapons, others seemingly have no purpose until later in the game. The Magnetic Rod is an item that stands out among the rest because it seems to have no rhyme or reason for being in the game. Don’t worry; you will be happy to find it.

Magnetic Rod location in Tower of Fantasy

The Magnetic Rod is an item you can get extremely early in Tower of Fantasy. After you reach Astra Shelter and complete a couple of story missions, you will be able to explore the entire region. You will find the Magnetic Rod by heading to the northern part of the region. The coordinates are (-831.5, 474.0).

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You will find a small stronghold in this area with a large metal tower. The metal tower has a ball on top of it that you can enter. Climb the tower and go inside the ball. Look for a ledge that has a supply pod on it. The supply pod will get you the Magnetic Rod.

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If you are having difficulty climbing the tower, fast travel to the Spacerift that is west of the location. From there, you can use your jetpack to reach the tower very easily. When you get the Magnetic Rod, you won’t be able to do anything with it until later in the game when you get the Maglev Stalker. When you combine the two items together, it creates the Chaser mount.