How to get the No Backup Plans Exotic in Destiny 2

Off the cuff.

A new season of Destiny 2 means new Exotics for players to track down and add to their arsenal. For Titan players, the No Backup Plans are new arms that will be available with a perk called Force Multiplier. When using a Sentinel Titan, shotgun kills will give you additional melee energy. When you have full melee energy, shotgun final blows activate your Defensive Strike and consume your melee energy.

Each day there will be a rotating Legend and Master Lost Sector that will either have a Rare (Legend difficulty) or Common (Master difficulty) chance to drop a piece of Exotic armor if you finish the Lost Sector solo. Pay close attention to the type of armor that the two different Lost Sectors drop, as each one will only drop a single armor type that day. On “Arms Day” for example, you can get any Exotic that is in the relevant arms pool.

The Lost Sectors will also have modifiers, and Champions, so make sure you reach the details fully in your director so you know which weapons and mods you need to bring because they will lock your equipment when they start.

Legend difficulty has a Power level of 1320, while Master difficulty has a Power level of 1350. You will also be limited to just three revives, so you don’t want to try these when you are too low in Power, as it will be a long, uphill struggle, and your time will be better spent running other activities to increase your Power level.

The active Lost Sectors will rotate each day, so you will need to check areas like the Dreaming City, the Moon, Europa, and the EDZ to find them.