How to get the Radium Rifle plans in Fallout 76

A different type of rifle.

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The Radium Rifle is one of the more interesting weapons that you can find and use in Fallout 76. This weapon looks like a standard assault rifle but it is far from it. While this weapon does fire bullets, it also deals radiation damage. This is especially useful for those who like to participate in the PvP aspect of the game. The Radium Rifle drains the health of your enemy while also irradiating them so they can get their health back.

How to get the Radium Rifle Plans

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The Radium Rifle plans are one of the easier weapon plans to find in the game. While you can get the plans for this weapon below level 40, it is pretty unlikely. This is because the vendors in the game will not sell the Radium Rifle plans to a character below level 40. If you are searching for the plans, you have a chance of getting them from the following locations:

  • Any containers in the Ash Heap, Mire, and Cranberry Bog have a chance to spawn the plans
  • Treasure maps in the same areas can grant you access to the plans when you dig up the treasure
  • Can be awarded from the Novice of Mysteries quest
  • Has a low chance of being a reward for completing the Daily Ops mission

Outside of those methods, when you reach level 40, you can purchase the plans for the Radium Rifle from the Free States and Shopping Mall vendors in Whitespring Resort. The vendor in Watoga Train Station will also sell the plans at this point.

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How to craft the Radium Rifle

By the time you get the plans for the Radium Rifle, you will most likely be pretty adept at crafting items in the game. To craft the Radium Rifle, you will want to head over to a weapons workbench. You can craft Radium Rifles with a minimum level of 40 and a maximum level of 50. You will need the following materials to craft a Radium Rifle:

  • 12 Adhesive
  • 8 Circuitry
  • 7 Nuclear Material
  • 17 Screws
  • 16 Springs
  • 31 Steel
  • 14 Wood

As you can see, Radium Rifles require a decent amount of materials to craft. Make sure you have plenty of spare materials before crafting a large number of them. Scrapping Radium Rifles will allow you to learn how to craft mods for the weapon as well.