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How to get the Ranger’s Hat in Final Fantasy XIV

Perfect for Peter Pan glamours.

Final Fantasy XIV has a lot of fun cosmetics to collect for use in specific glamours. With such a wide variety of items in the game, if can be hard to keep track of where to get them all. Many common items are used in the weekly Fashion Report event at the Gold Saucer for an easy chunk of MGP every week to made strides towards more fun rewards, including mounts, glamours, emotes, and housing items. The Ranger’s Hat is an item that often shows up as a head piece in the Fashion Report. Here is where you can find the Ranger’s Hat in Final Fantasy XIV.

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Where to buy the Ranger’s Hat in Final Fantasy XIV

The Ranger’s Hat is simple to acquire provided you don’t care about it being high quality. It is purchased by vendors in the major cities or higher level areas for 4,806 gil. You can find it under the “Purchase Disciple of War Gear Lvl. 40-49” category when speaking to the vendor.

The easiest vendor NPCs to purchase the Rangers Hat include:

  • Domitien – Old Gridania (X:14.4, Y:9.8)
  • Gwalter – Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X:13.7, Y:10.1)
  • Iron Thunder – Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:8.1, Y:11.7)

Other vendors include:

  • Independent Merchant – Revenant’s Toll, Mor Dhona (X:21.8, Y:6.9)
  • Merchant and Mender – Camp Bluefrog, Northern Thanalan (X:20.9, Y:31)
  • Merchant and Mender – Ceruleum Processing Plant, Northern Thanalan (X:21.4, Y:22.2)
  • Merchant and Mender – North Tidegate, Western La Noscea (X:21.9, Y:20.2)
  • Merchant and Mender – Saint Coinach’s Find, Mor Dhona (X:30.1, Y:12.4)
  • Merchant and Mender – South Tidegate, Western La Noscea (X:19.7, Y:23.2)
  • Norlaise – The Pillars, Ishgard (X:7.2, Y:10.2)

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How to craft the Ranger’s Hat in Final Fantasy XIV

If you are looking to craft the Ranger’s Hat yourself, you are going to need to have the Weaver Discipline of the Hand job leveled to at least level 42. The item requires the following materials:

  • Five Lightning Shards
  • Five Wind Shards
  • One Undyed Woolen Cloth
  • One Dew Thread
  • One Boar Leather
  • One Chocobo Feather

Outside of the weekly Fashion Report event, the Ranger’s Hat is useful to characters still leveling through the game as a Discipline of War. It can also be dyed and used it glamours, especially for those trying to put together a Peter Pan-inspired look. Just be sure to complement it with the right hairstyle.

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