How to get Corpse Blue Dye in Final Fantasy XIV

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Final Fantasy XIV allows for a ton of customization when it comes to glamour options. Your Warrior of Light is free to wear whatever their heart desires, ranging from burly chainmail, comfy robes, or even a chicken suit. To further stand out from the crowd, Square Enix has implemented an entire dying system with a range of unique and fun colors to experiment with. In order to dye your gear, however, you will need specific dyes found through a variety of different ways. One such material is called Corpse Blue Dye, and it is locked behind a specific Beast Tribe vendor. Here’s where to find Corpse Blue Dye in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where to buy Corpse Blue Dye in Final Fantasy XIV

There are two methods to obtain Corpse Blue Dye in Final Fantasy XIV. The first is by far the easiest, though it might cost you a hefty amount of gil, especially if the Corpse Blue Dye is used in the Gold Saucer’s Fashion Report event for the week.

Corpse Blue Dye can be purchased from the Market Board from other players. Market Boards are found in every major city, and you can even bounce between servers and data centers to find the best price, provided the time investment is worth it to you. When purchasing from the Market Board, always remember to check the stack amount and total gil, as many players will trick you into buying a mountain of the item you need, when you only intended to purchase one.

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Purchasing Corpse Blue Dye from the Sahagin Vendor in Final Fantasy XIV

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The other way to obtain Corpse Blue Dye in Final Fantasy XIV is to increase your reputation with the Sahagin Beast Tribe. After completing the main scenario quest In Pursuit of the Past, you can speak to R’ashaht Rhiki in Limsa Lominsa to accept the quest They Came from the Deep, which will unlock the Sahagin Beast Tribe. Getting enough reputation is easy if you just keep coming back to do the Tribal dailies at their camp every day.

With enough reputation, you will be able to purchase Corpse Blue Dye from the Sahagin Vendor at X:17, Y:22 for either 1 Rainbowtide Psashp or 216 gil. The fastest method of getting to the Sahagin camp is by teleporting to Aleport in Western La Noscea and heading Northwest.

That’s all there is to it. Now, pick an outfit or a housing item and make it blue.