How to get the Regalia Type-G mount in Final Fantasy XIV Online – Regalia Type-G Title

The need for speed.

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The Regalia Type-G is the vehicle Noctis is driving in Final Fantasy XV, and it’s made its way over to Final Fantasy XIV Online during the A Nocturne for Heroes 2021 event. For a limited time, you’ll be able to acquire this mount, so long as you complete the event and earn enough MGP before everything wraps up. If you haven’t completed all of the quests for the event, you’ll need to do that first by speaking with Kipih in Ul’Dah, Steps of Nald.

You’ll need to work your way through the three primary quests for the event. They’re going to A Man in Black, In the Dark of Night, and Messenger of the Winds. These quests will need to be completed in order, and they all start by speaking with Kipih.

Upon completing those quests, the Ironworks Vendor at The Gold Saucer unlocks. You can find them in the Entrance Square, right next to the other attendants. From there, the Regalia Type-G Mount can be yours for 200,000 MGP, which you can earn by participating in the many events at The Gold Saucer. The specific item you want to buy from the Ironworks Vendor is the Regalia Type-G Title. It should be the first item on the list.

Once you have the item, all you have to do is claim it from your inventory, and then you can start riding in style like Noctis and the rest of the characters from Final Fantasy XV.