How to get the Scroll-Shaped Ward in Genshin Impact

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Screenshot by Gamepur

The Scroll Shaped Ward will be required to destroy that barrier at Araumi in Genshin Impact. During the Cleansed Defilement quest, players will need to destroy three different barriers in different locations, but to do so they will need wards first.

The wards are used to purify a lantern that is part of a puzzle, but players won’t even know which ward they need until they arrive at the lantern in question. For the Araumi lantern, they will need the Scroll-Shaped Ward.

The good news is that the Scroll-Shaped Ward will be located in the main puzzle room very close to the lantern that you need to purify. If you look around near the lantern you will notice an Earth Kitsune statue. Use your Mysterious Memento Lens to look at it, and a Sakura Thunder Bough will appear beside it.

Interact with the Bough to get the electrogranum buff and then make your way through the nearby electro wall barrier. At the end of that hallway, you will find another Kitsune statue. Hit it with an Electro ability and then Scroll Shaped Ward will appear.

Pick it up, then return to the main room, refreshing the electrogranum buff if you need to. Interact with the lantern you need to purify and then you are good to go to try and solve the puzzle and destroy the barrier.