How to get the Super Missile ability in Metroid Dread

Missiles are nice, but Super Missiles are even better.

Image via Nintendo

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Missiles are one of the most iconic weapons Samus Aran carries throughout the Metroid series, and she starts Dread with the ability to fire them. They can open red-shielded doors and deal heavy damage to enemies, but they can’t handle everything — you’ll need Super Missiles too. Here’s how to find them.

The upgrade is in the Ghavoran region, just after the mini-boss fight with the golden Robot Chozo Soldier. Climb the Spider Magnet walls in the following room to the EMMI Zone, which will lead you to the Network Station. From there, exit to the east and start making your way down. You’ll push through a rotating plank and a magnetic platform that block the way back, but don’t sweat it. As you descend, you’ll spot a green-shielded door on the left side of a room. Look to the lower right corner of the same room for some blocks you can Bomb through. Slip through, then either defeat or dodge the enemy below and enter the next room. The Chozo Statue inside is holding this power-up.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Super Missiles replace your standard Missiles. You’ll use the same ammo (which is increased by Missile Expansions) and fire them with the same button inputs. The difference is, they do way more damage to your enemies. They can also open green-shielded doors, like the one you just passed before getting this upgrade.