How to get the Tarzan Ribbon in BitLife

Purchase all of the exotic animals.


Image via Candywriter LLC

The Tarzan ribbon in BitLife wants players to bond with exotic animals. There are a variety of them to choose from, and the process to bond with these creatures takes a bit of time. They’re also not the cheapest items for you to purchase.

To obtain this ribbon, you need to become familiar with the exotic pet dealer. They will have an animal available for you to purchase, and it varies in how much it will cost to buy, usually somewhere in thousands of dollars. The initial purchase of these animals is costly, as is taking care of them. You will want to visit the exotic pet dealer once a year to buy a new exotic animal from the dealer.

Because of how costly these animals are, you want to make sure you have enough money to maintain their lifestyle each year. It also means having a large enough house to contain that many animals. You will need to purchase a large enough property to contain them. You also need to wait until you’re at least 18 years old to purchase them from the exotic pet dealer. You likely want to wait until you’ve graduated college before investing in something like this.

You want to visit the exotic pet dealer yearly to ensure you have a variety of different exotic pets available to you. If one of them dies from old age or natural causes, you have enough at your disposal to replace it. While owning your pets, you want to ensure you keep a high relationship with them by bonding with them and watching their monthly expenses to ensure they don’t bankrupt you, although it could happen.

Your best bet is to purchase the cheaper ones, such as snakes, bobcats, wolves, birds, and many more. The larger cats, such as lions and tigers, are much more costly. While they may seem better to purchase these animals, you want to focus on living long enough to collect several of them before the end of your character’s lifetime.

During your lifetime, you want to avoid receiving the Rich or Famous ribbons, which is challenging to do to maintain a lifestyle of having exotic animals. It would be best if you balanced how much money you’re making, and how much money you spend before the end of your lifetime, and the high-quality items you buy.

When your character passes away, you can see if you obtained the ribbon or not. Your best bet is to try and maintain a lifestyle where you have about 10 or so exotic animals. You can always try again with another character.