How to get the This is fine Commendation in Sea of Thieves

Everything is fine, this is nothing.

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The This is fine Commendation in Sea of Thieves requires you to take a seat aboard your ship while it is on fire. See if you’ve already done this by opening the menu, tabbing over to the Pirate Log, choosing Reputation, Bilge Rats, then Buried Treasures. You’ll find it located second from the right on the bottom row of the second page. Read on to find out the easiest way to complete this Commendation.

Gather Firebombs and Start a Fire

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The fastest way to complete this Commendation is to set your own ship on fire, then sit down as it’s burning. You’ll need some Firebombs to start a fire. Some will spawn in the Cannonball Barrels on your ship as soon as you load into the game, or you can find some by searching the Resource Barrels at the Outpost you spawn at.

Once you have some Firebombs in your Inventory, go ahead and equip them. Then, run back to your ship. Stand on the deck and – with a Firebomb in hand – throw it at the floor toward the bow (front) of your ship using Right Trigger (RT). Repeat until the flames fail to dissipate and the deck catches on fire.

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Sit on Your Ship

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Now it’s time to find a place to sit. You can sit anywhere on a ship where a prompt appears to Take a Seat. On a Galleon, you can head over the Captain’s Chair located in the Captain’s Quarters. On a Brigantine, just look at the wooden rails lining the edges of the deck of your ship (toward the center). Finding a place to sit on a Sloop is a little harder. Head below deck, locate the Barrel that’s under a lantern behind the central pillar (toward the back), and hold X to Take a Seat on the Barrel once you see the prompt. Do this, and you will earn the This is fine Commendation.