How to get the Til Death Do Us Part Achievement in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

A rather messy breakup.

House of Ashes

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Unlocking the achievements in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes can require some quick thinking and decision making, so we’ve got everything you need to unlock the Until Death Do Us Part achievement. This achievement focuses on the relationship between Eric and Rachel and relies on it ending in a rather permanent way. There will be heavy spoilers as we advance from here, so be warned.

Rachel Gets Infected

During In the Horror chapter, both Rachel and Salim will be attacked by creatures. It doesn’t matter who you choose to save, as Rachel will get infected either way. We would suggest shooting the creature attacking Salim instead so that you have one less person injured going forward. Useful if you are going for the Ain’t Got Time To Bleed achievement.

An Infected Rachel Escapes

During the Strange Aeons chapter, the characters who have survived will investigate the strange chamber. After activating an alien device in the middle of the chamber, Rachel will scream in pain and have visions of the past, revealing that the creatures they have been fighting are, in fact, otherworldly in origin.

After this, Rachel will contemplate detonating a grenade on her leg to stop her from turning into one of the creatures. Don’t do anything and allow the timer to count down on this point.

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Eric and Nick will hold Rachel down while Jason suggests killing her as an act of mercy. Choose the “Do Not Kill Me” and “Its Me, Jason” options when they come up.

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Rachel will eventually get to her feet. The group will suggest putting her in a cocoon to stop her from turning until they can figure something else out. You have to have her refuse. This will lead to a Quick Time Event where she struggles to escape. Allow her to escape.

Rachel Reappears

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During the Semper Fi chapter, the group will be attempting to escape from the Vault. If you allowed Rachel to escape before, she will pop up again here and attack you. Fail the Quick Time Events, and she will grab Eric by the neck and drag him away. Other members of your party will survive, but the achievement will be unlocked.