How to get the Trinity Ghoul catalyst in Destiny 2

Earn a catalyst for your trust Trinity Ghoul.

Destiny 2

The Trinity Ghoul now has a catalyst in Destiny 2. It’s a great weapon to use against multiple enemies as it causes a chain lightning strike if you get a kill an enemy from a final blow, and then it becomes an arch attack that hits multiple foes. The Trinity Ghoul catalyst makes this weapon even more deadly. If you want to get a Trinity Ghoul for yourself, follow our other guide about how to get it.

To receive the catalyst for the weapon, you can find it out in the open world. Some players have reported having it drop during a Gambit match, others have had one drop or them during a Strike in the game. You are far more likely to receive it by completing a Strike, so try to run through those to receive one.

After equipping the catalyst to your Trinity Ghoul, you will need to defeat 400 enemies with it. While it may seem like quite a bit, that’s where you want to use the Trinity Ghoul’s signature Lightning Rod talent, which allows it to hit multiple foes at once. Once you hit the final blow of an enemy, you will receive the Lighting Rod talent, and you should see it on the lower left-hand section of the screen. You can freely switch between weapons, and the Trinity Ghoul’s signature ability remains in effect. You can fire it when weaker enemies cluster together to make your job easier. You don’t want to use it against enemies that take more than one hit to kill.

When you can properly equip the catalyst, the Trinity Ghoul receives a proper masterwork boost of stats and the Lightning Rod ability for the weapon to trigger when you land a final blow with any arc weapon you have on you.