How to get the Tsubasa Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy

Wield the Icewind Arrow.

Image via Hotta Studios

Tsubasa is one of the few SSR simulacra in Tower of Fantasy, and her weapon is Icewind Arrow. Tsubasa is extremely powerful and is very useful in many different situations. However, getting Tsubasa for yourself can be challenging since she is one of the only SSR characters in the game. There are only a few ways to get Tsubasa, which are completely based on your luck. Here is how to get the Tsubasa Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get Tsubaba and Icewind Arrow

You only have two options to get Tsubasa in the Tower of Fantasy. The first is fighting world bosses, and the second is purchasing special orders. Both methods do not guarantee Tsubasa and are up to how lucky you are.

Defeating world bosses

There are many world bosses in Tower of Fantasy, and defeating them will reward you with a chest, with a chance of randomly dropping an SSR weapon. However, defeating world bosses is challenging and almost impossible at levels below 20. It’s recommended to be at least level 24 before engaging in a fight with a world boss.

You need to keep a few things in mind when fighting world bosses so that you can defeat them quickly. Firstly, never fight world bosses alone because they are a co-op world activity. Secondly, always use strong weapons against them; keeping elemental weaknesses and weapon range in mind is a good idea. Below are the world bosses you can defeat in Tower of Fantasy:

Once you defeat any of these world bosses, you will need to use perfect decipher to loot the chest to have a chance of randomly getting Tsubassa simulacra and Icewind Arrow.

Using Special Orders

Special orders are banners that you need to purchase using the in-game currency. These banners have a chance of randomly dropping SSR simulacra, including Tsubasa. There are mainly two types of these banners: Limited-time and normal ones. If Tsubasa is on the limited-time banner, it’s best to purchase them and have a high chance of getting her. If not, you are better off purchasing normal banners and hope that you will get Tsubasa and Icewind Arrow.