How to reach a speed of 70 mph in Fortnite

Reaching 70 mph in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 is straightforward if you use the right vehicle on ideal terrain.

Reaching 70 mph in a sedan in Fortnite

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One of the more challenging Clean Getaway Quests of Fortnite’s Most Wanted Questline in Chapter 4 Season 1 is “Reach a speed of 70 in a vehicle.” While the objective is undoubtedly straightforward, achieving this task can be difficult depending on where you land or where you find a vehicle to ride. Fortunately, the island has plenty of vehicles you can encounter across the named locations. However, the rugged terrain, dense forests, and many dirt roads will make reaching 70 mph in Fortnite complex.

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Reaching 70 mph in a vehicle in Fortnite

Reaching over 70 mph in a pickup truck in Fortnite
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Luckily, there are three simple ways you can easily accomplish the Clean Getaway Quest’s objective of reaching 70 mph in a vehicle in Fortnite. The fastest method is using one of the pickup trucks at the Icy Islets, the frozen lake west of Brutal Bastion. Naturally, a heavyweight pickup truck is the last vehicle you would imagine to reach 70 mph, but the mountainous terrain and sparse trees of the wintry biome are what we can use to our advantage. Accordingly, land at Icy Islets and get into a pickup truck. Drive up any large hill with a few trees and descend to the ice. Your Fortnite vehicle will easily reach over 70 mph with this strategy. 

Reaching 70 mph on a motorbike in Fortnite
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Another optimal method of reaching a speed of 70 in Fortnite is using a motorbike on a paved road. You can find two motorbikes parked near the western wooden bridge of Anvil Square. Get on the vehicle and drive along the paved roadways, preferably where no dirt covers the trail. You should reach 70 if you ride the motorbike at full speed for several seconds. Similarly, the third way to achieve 70 mph with a vehicle in Fortnite is by driving a sedan on a paved road. While it takes more time than a motorbike, the sedan will work if you stay on the main trails with stone or cement. Furthermore, if you manage to find Off-Road Tires, the sedan will accelerate more smoothly.