How to get the Warden title in Destiny 2 Season of the Hunt

Warden of something.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Image via Bungie

If you are currently lacking a seasonal title in Destiny 2, then now is a pretty good time to get one. The Warden title for Season of the Hunt is one of the most solo player friendly titles you could ever hope to go after.

There are no Strike, Crucible, or Nightfall requirements, and everything can be done by engaging with seasonal content, so as long as you have the Season Pass you can get this title pretty easily. You also don’t need to wait for any timed content rotations, and can just slowly farm away at the required kills and content engagements that you need.

Below, you will find a list of everything you need to do to get the Warden title, and links to helpful guides if you are unsure of anything.

Hive-Made Monster

Acquire upgrades for the cryptolith Lure. This can be done at the Crow on the Tangled Shore, but running missions for him and finishing Wrathborn Hunts.


Complete the “Coup de Grace” mission.

Stalk and Snare: Tangled Shore

The player will need to defeat both Savek and HKD-1.

Stalk and Snare: Dreaming City

Defeat Dul Arath and Xillox.

Hunting Attire 

Finish Wrathborn Hunts while wearing seasonal armor. The more pieces of seasonal armor you are wearing, the more progress you will make from a single hunt.

Tools of the Hunt

Defeat enemies with seasonal weapons. You will need to 400 kills with the Submachine Gun, 200 kills with the Grenade Launcher, and 100 kills with the Linear Fusion Rifle.

One’s True Calling

Defeat enemies with Season Pass weapons. You will need to get 400 kills with the Scout Rifle and 200 with the Grenade Launcher.

Renaissance Hunter

Hone your skills with seasonal weaponry. Defeat combatants at close range with the Submachine Gun, rapidly defeat combatants with the Grenade Launcher and deal precision final blows with the Linear Fusion Rifle.

  • 200 SMG close-range kills
  • 50 Grenade Launcher rapid kills
  • 50 Linear Fusion Rifle precision final blows

Talon of Light

Complete the exotic quest “Let Loose Thy Talons“.