How to get the wicked ribbon in BitLife

Not having a moral compass is important.


Image via Candywriter LLC

Those who play video games have become accustomed to doing terrible things to receive achievements or to unlock new abilities. There’s a way to place some distancing between an individual and the digital landscape they’re playing on whenever they do it. You need to do that to receive the wicked ribbon in BitLife, so go to it with the understanding that you might not like what you have to do.

To receive the wicked ribbon in the game, you have to acquire an STD and then pass it on to another person. For those attempting to obtain this ribbon, you likely want to play the game as a male rather than a female to remove the risk of your character becoming pregnant. When your female character becomes pregnant, it makes the process significantly more difficult for the rest of their life.

As a male, during your early years, you want to make it extremely easy later on in life to sleep with characters of the game, so you want to increase your looks trait as much as possible. You can do this by consistently going to the gym in your early years, improving your looks. You should be able to do it pretty reliably, so don’t sweat it otherwise.

When you become 18 in the game, you can freely start sleeping with other people. You want to sleep with as many different individuals as possible, though not too many. It’s a random chance when you’ll acquire the STD, and once that happens, you continue the same process again. Not too much changes when you’re going through this procedure, so it’s relatively routine when you have a high enough looks rating in the game. When you pass on your STD to another person, you should receive the ribbon.

There are a handful of different things you can do in the life simulator mobile game, such as winning the lottery, having twins, becoming a lawyer, becoming a leprechaun, or even going awol.