How to win the lottery in BitLife

You get an achievement for winning, but there’s no fast way to win the lottery.


Image via Candywriters

The lottery is one of those opportunities for your character to become extremely wealthy in BitLife. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of chance involved with the activity, and that chance may not give you much hope for successfully winning and becoming an instant millionaire. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to win the lottery and how it works in BitLife.

How to win the lottery

It all comes down to consistently buying tickets and hoping your character gets lucky. You can purchase a lottery ticket for $5 by selecting the “Activities” tab on the main page and then scrolling down to the “Lottery” option. You can buy a single ticket or select the buy 10, which costs $50 all at once. If your goal is to win the lottery with a character, we recommend buying the bulk of tickets for $50 and continue pulling them until you find a winner.

Each time you pull the tickets and none of them win, you’ll see a notification that reads, “You did not win the lottery jackpot.” You can expect to see these multiple times before potentially winning. Regardless, outside of purchasing tickets and hoping for the best, there’s no way you can cheat or force this activity. We recommend only going through this activity if you want to win it at least once on a character or you have a lot of money to waste on it.

You can play the lottery as often as you want with no consequences, outside of using your money. We recommend ensuring your character has a well-paying job to support this choice, but you might also get lucky and find a winner early on in your attempts to win.