How to get the Wings of Creator emote in Diablo 4

This is a special emote.

Image via Blizzard

As you progress through Diablo IV, you will get your hands on new items. Some of these items are picked up as loot from the ground after defeating enemies, while others are hidden inside chests that can be found all across the map. However, there are some specific items that can not be acquired through regular methods. The same is the case with the Wings of Creator emote, as many players are currently having trouble finding it in the game. To help such players out, we’ve put together a guide on how to get the Wings of Creator emote in Diablo IV.

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How to get Diablo IV Wings of Creator emote

The reason why you’re unable to find the Wings of Creator emote is that it can not be picked up as loot or found inside chests. Instead, you can only get it if you purchase the Ultimate Edition of Diablo IV. The emote is a part of this bundle and there is no other way to acquire it, at least at this moment. However, it is important to remember that the Ultimate Edition is the most expensive one, as it costs $99.99. Therefore, you will need to spend a lot of money to get the emote.

The Wings of Creator emote isn’t the only item that you get as a part of the Ultimate Edition, as it includes the following content as well:

  • Light Bearer Mount
  • Diablo III Inarius Wings & Inarius Murloc Pet
  • World of Warcraft Amalgam of Rage Mount
  • Diablo Immortal Umber Winged Darkness Cosmetics Set
  • Up to 4 Days Early Access​ to Diablo IV
  • Temptation Mount
  • Hellborn Carapace Mount Armor
  • Accelerated Seasonal Battle Pass Unlock

It is important to remember that at the moment, there is no special use of the Wings of Creator emote in Diablo IV. For instance, during the Secret of the Spring quest, you need to use the Wait emote to progress furthermore. But as for the Wings of Creator emote, it is just for show.