How to get the Witherhoard Exotic in Destiny 2

Infection detection.


Witherhoard is an interesting new Exotic Grenade Launcher that is available in Destiny 2 during the Season of Arrivals. It has a perk that will cause a toxic cloud to infect targets and the nearby area.

How To Get Witherhoard


This is the good news, or the bad news, depending on your point of view. The Witherhoard is tied into Destiny 2’s new Seasonal Pass. People who purchase the Premium Pass will get access to the weapon at Rank 1, while people on the free pass will get access to the weapon at Rank 35. This means no strange quests or hoops to jump through; it just forms part of the Season Rank rewards that you will get from playing the game.

You can purchase the Season Pass straight away when you first log in, as a prompt will appear on the screen. If you need to get some Silver first, you head to Eververse and get the Silver, and the Season Pass, there. The Season Pass will set you back 1000 Silver.

We haven’t had time yet to try out the Witherhoard, but it certainly looks nice and sits in your Kinetic slot. It has a small blast radius, made up for by the toxic cloud, and the magazine only holds one shell before you need to reload. Thankfully, the reload speed is pretty snappy.

Now you know how to get your hands on this new Witherhoard Exotic, you can either opt into the Premium Season Pass, or exercise some patience and pick it up from the free tiers at level 35.