How to get through the Frozen Caverns in Nexomon: Extinction

Don’t let time slip away.

Nexomon: Extinction has tons of complex puzzles that take up chunks of your gaming time. One of the first that you’ll likely see is when your character and Coco guide a miner named Videll through the slippery ice paths inside Frozen Caverns. When treading the ice, your character is forced to go spinning in four directions – possibly less if rocks block your path. Yes, it’s something that sounds awfully similar to what was introduced in older Pokemon games. However, it is a bit harder and some may need assistance. 

The first is somewhat of a trial run before the real challenge. Players will see it right when they enter the cave. What you’ll want to do is slide straight into the flat dirt area parallel to the entrance, and then use that ground to walk around to the right side of the ice. There will be a crack right under where you should stand. Slide left on the ice, up against the wall, and then a bit to the right. An icy spear should hold you where you are so that you can slide down to the stairs. 

The next and last frozen area is found south of the stairs in the next room. It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed when you first enter, so simply take it one step at a time. Like this:

  • Step 1: Step on and slide down from the patch of ice that’s a bit closer to the wall than others (use image above for reference). 
  • Step 2: A rock in the middle will stop you, and you’ll want to slide to the right.
  • Step 3: You’ll collide with a couple icy spears. After, slide straight up in between two purple rocks
  • Step 4: Head to the left and then go down. An ice poll and rock will stop you.
  • Step 5: Next, move further left which should put you in the bottom left corner and then slide up.
  • Step 6: Another ice poll will hold you in place with your only option being to go right.
  • Step 7: Another pair of rocks will catch you. Move down after.
  • Step 8: Slide just a pinch to the right and then go up again. 
  • Step 9: Move right and you should be liberated from any and all confusing cavern puzzles. 

Once you enter the next path, a cutscene should activate with Coco and Videll by your side. If not, you may want to check your journal to ensure you’re in the right place. If you do get the cutscene, we recommend you heal any damaged Nexomon before continuing your journey.